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YYaaAAAHHHEEEEEEEE---augh----GRrrrEEEhH---WOOO!!!!! :)

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Yup, it was John an' Faul (imo)...I think it was aimed at Faul...big time...not his real friend Paul (known to be close with him--vs the legendary battle betw. fake Faul and real John) SO the lyrics--I'm a gonna do a stream-o-conscious take-a-guess toss at what John meant... only Ringo knows (you heard the George deathbed tapes tho' right?--some say John was taken out BECAUSE he was gonna spill the beans... you know Faul had zero reaction to his death... it all stinks...) Okey dokey--this is off the cuff but here goes!:

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise

(folks bought it--we all wore mustaches so yours covered the scars--it was a hit)

Those freaks was right when they said you was dead

("you" / Paul died...the guy you "LARP/play")

The one mistake you made was in your head

(that you thought yourself talented enough to fit in Paul's shoes...OR that your head doesn't match real Paul's)

How do you sleep? (with your crime...)

How do you sleep at night? (ditto)

You live with straights who tell you, you was king

(normies said you were the best Beatle, you, "Paul"/Faul)

Jump when your momma tell you anything

(that may be Linda who threatened to reveal the truth unless Faul did ALL she wanted...she was no picnic either...she DID make Faul jump--a lot--even got her singing on a few Wings--gawd awful-albums)

The only thing you done was yesterday

(pre 67' when you were still Billy Shears -- when you had a band--that was "you" William Campbell Shears--people 'll think I mean the song Yesterday but no, I mean you Faul... you've only been a shadow--your life ended "yesterday...")

And since you've gone you're just another day

(Since you're not Billy--and certainly not Paul--you're nothing. OR since the band broke up and you're not in the picture--you're nothing...at least to me)

A pretty face may last a year or two (each surgery...before things shift)

But pretty soon they'll see what you can do (faking it...no longer will Mike come to the studio to fix your tracks...you'll have to show what you can do on your own--which I predict will be not much)

The sound you make is muzak to my ears (yes, not much--Muzak Faul, you stink--you can't play bass without looking!)

You must have learned something in all those years (they certainly worked you hard--go ahead, show the world what you can do....you must have learned something at least...)

How do you sleep at night? (have you no conscience?)

There would be NO reason for John to blame (real) Paul for anything--certainly not the breakup in part caused by Faul (not bein' half the talent Paul wuz) and in part by Yoko / MI6 cuz folks were starting to talk...

So in my official crackpotted opinion--there is much more (visual, vocal, anecdotal) backin' up the Faul story but that's a deep dive so if nothing else, check out Italian Wired--the head/skull, teeth, chin, ears...eye sockets--entirely Faulse...

https://plasticmacca.blogspot.com/2010/01/forensic-science-proves-paul-was.html (scroll down for a translation...) this seals the deal...

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Ha! I still call her "dragon lady" / I'm sure she wuz CIA... (not just the May Pang part--I think she wuz reportin' on John all along, got 'im ta retreat (from solo work), made'im look like a fool (singin' in BED?!), an' when he wouldn't stay quiet she helped orchestrate the timed exit from the Dakota) IMO she def. wuz involved in John's death (walkin' on thin ice she wuz!)--Sadly, she wrapped him' round her lil' finger (Cynthia seemed like a lovely lady...that wuz John's first mistake but some say he left her BECAUSE MI6 was already after him--so it wuz ta protect her... could be...) Anywho, Yoko not only sang like a harpie--she WUZ one! I have winced at the sessions with her callin' John like he was some annoyin' little boy not "playin' nice"--no WONDER George & Ringo HATED 'er. I think MI6 bringin' in Faul ruined the band already even 'fore JoKe-Oh got to them, but JokeO kicked the remains inta the ground 'fore they closed the hole up at Strawberry Fields. Damn shame... an folks LOVE her (?!) I wonder if Sean knows what his mama REALLY did?

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Oooooh -here comes ol flat top She come grooving up slowly -

Sounds of lingering orgasm on stage ;)

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She was the absolute downfall of Lennon. Complete control freak and most probably responsible for his death in some way

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Mind numbing planned fail or just auditory torture right out of Tavistock. 😂🙄.

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