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Dear Shouting in Space, Thank you for sharing from your "desperately dark and desolate space". I wish I could mount any kind of rigorous and worthwhile debate to counter it. Alas. I find I have two addresses anymore and one is decidedly the desperately dark and desolate. The other is the inner journey, made more meaningful, necessary and poignant by contrast. I suspected the injections would elicit some cognitively and spiritually corrosive effect, and this seems born out by the numbed and unreachable minds and hearts of those poor souls who drank the Kool-Aid and rolled up their sleeves. It is indeed us and only us now. I think the struggle proves our valor and commitment to going down fighting. This is where our inner journies benefit us, for in the vast wisdom of inner space I believe our inspired actions, thoughts and consciousness can yet birth what may seem in our present state to be the miraculous. So march on, my fellow soldiers. I believe in Us. I believe in truth. And I love you dearly.

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Cheered me up no end.

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Great post thanks. It is indeed that sort of Sunday. Time to come to grips with the death dealing genocide we are dealing with. That hit piece is pretty spectacular in the face of Mr. Walker's behavior in physically attacking his interviewer. The delusion is so very deep. Very difficult to maintain perspective in the midst of all this. These people think they have it made - that they own us and have won. Still think they will lose but forgiving these demented individuals is impossible.

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We can't seem to get any traction with the health agencies no matter what is discovered and revealed. I think Sasha Latypova provides the framework to understand the structure behind the Plandemic. With this information, we see that Fauci, the CDC, FDA and the pharma companies are colluders and play a huge role but they are not the source of the crime. Sasha Latypova helps to crystalize the big picture for me.

This is her presentation: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ftbShzrkjl9/

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Gray somber Sunday and you’ve resonated with it :) in a lovely way. The sicko goings on will go on. So few are solid enough with themselves to ‘shout into this space’ the DH L piece fits quite well into the mood. Hugs there human

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For one last attempt at compassion, I just suggest they get their affairs in order.

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Ah Johnny Boy, it may be time to give yourself a break away from the evidence old son.........It will all still be there when you have had a bit of YOU time;

I think you are right when you say that there may be no more coming to join in the fight; BUT, that may very well be what saves the sanity of those of us already in the fight; I mean look at it this way, we won't have to be continually repeating the same evidential information over and over to those who more likely than not will continue to question all the evidence we demonstrate while they keep on feeding whats left of their neurons more TV and "News Paper" driven Fear;

Call me callous, call me selfish, i no longer care as i have been labelled every conceivable type of bad over these last 3 years (and continuing thanks Ray "The Source") but, i think we do have to let go of the flock and let them find out for themselves what awaits them; Cut the fences and let the herd go where the herd wants to go;

I am a spiritual being and i wish no harm onto any other creature of this land but the insanity of the masses is really not doing my spirit any favours.....i'm actually having thoughts that maybe this "culling" is for the best to which i ask God to help me with removing such thoughts.......so he sends me into Nature so i can observe and absorb what truly matters, Life;

If "people" can't figure out who means them harm and who wants to help them by now, then why bother wasting our spirit on them;

By all accounts, we only have One shot at this mortal coil

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Thank you, John, for joining the project of freeing up minds and hearts!

There are so few of us as authors who dare to do it...

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Let's put Australian politicians at the top of this pyre - FIFO PM Albonese and Dictator Dan Andrews. And all the other hypocrites who were at the Australian Open to watch Novax win. You couldn't make it up.

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1. a hear hear! to just desserts! (candied scorpions would be too sweet...)

this RE 'Most of all—what it is I’m “REALLY” looking forward to— is seeing those evil demented f*ckers who’ve been back of all this and driving it from the very beginning, receive their due comeuppance! '

An' durnit--even if just-ice don't happen the way we might envision in our madder-than-a-hornet moments, some've these creatures'll just shrivel up an' drop dead in their plates'a fois gras ANYWAY... and actually Schwabby an' Kissinger can't live forever on adrenochrome and both 'r likely close to sheddni' their mortal mattress coils......It IS cathartic to imagine them gettin' their DUE (Jacobin-style perhaps???) I git it...

2. and yet--humor plays well to both the darker moments--and to hope--for in humor there is "salvation" (...not in a religious sense but in terms of SANITY which we "thinkin' folk" must keep) Thus and therefore... such things cheer me up:


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life... (and never fear "the pythons!")

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Hello John, you make an important point. Only it has a twist and I hope you will not get upset a me.

1. Sars-Cov-2 has never been found as a purified-characterized biologic particle, it is only a registration in a gene library gotten out of software program. My post on it is ok, but pls see all the references at the bottom for thorough info:


Yes people got sick, most all are yearly illness with relabel to Covid. Others got sick from crap in PCR tests, Mask disinfectants, some of the 2019 flu shots that were laced with nanoparticles, and starting in 2021 vac injury that looks like "covid", and other things I'll skip for now.

2. Because no Sars-Cov-2 has been found there can be no GOF or evolutionary manipulation/bioweapon of it (or anything really), but yes chemical weapons do exist. Please see these:



3. Dr. Walker is a bad actor (laughing as he is describing how he is part of a plan to kill people?😢), no one at his level at Pfizer would be foolish enough to tell this stuff to a stranger even if it was true (they would have gone thru intense training to maintain secrecy). The empty cafe, the danger PV put itself in confronting this guy at close range, and the fake looking fight were telling. Yes Dr Walker is in his said role at Pfizer, and disinfo is part of his job.

4. Unfortunately PV is at best giving limited hangouts and at worst participating in this kind of fear mongering PR. But some will not like to hear this as it is very sad for us and part of your "sailing ship".

I'm really sorry but this was a Cointelpro op because of #1 and 2 even if #3 and 4 could be argued.

The people behind all of these are gross, but very serious in their plans and abilities to carry them out, including psy-ops like these which fits with your sense of the "sailing ship".

Hope you will take this comment ok and best wishes.

Proton Magic

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