Countries not to visit now include Canada and Australia as well as China and North Korea!

Their Governments have all totally lost the plot - That's if they ever had a 'plot'?

The World Health Organization recently warned about severe myocarditis in newborns in England and Wales and then took the alert down on Wednesday. Data shows that more babies have been born with the heart inflammation that is associated with enterovirus infections, which experts say is supposed to be extremely rare. Was Mummy over-jabbed, I ask myself?

The WHO confirmed that at least 15 babies have been diagnosed with this. A UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) spokesperson confirmed to The Epoch Times that 10 babies have been diagnosed in Wales and five have been diagnosed in England. The cases happened between June 2022 and November 2022 involving babies under 28 days old.

The UKHSA spokesperson seemed very confident that this had nothing to do with the Covid vaccine.

And all this with NO LIABILITY for the makers of these deadly injections!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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slack-jowled little ponce currently posing as our Prime Minister ....😂😂 😂

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If enuf folks hear Roberts--REALLY listen to what he just dropped on all them parochial "see-no-evil" bespoke suited ears that answer to the larger calls of the Davos Club 'a Rome miscreants--there may be hope yet...

Mebbe (depending on the reactions an' how big the vieweship...) others'll grow a pair, so ta speak, an' SOON. It's LOUD little guys like Roberts, hollerin' in the Church of Obedience, damn the consequences, that might awaken justified indignation (even here stateside!) in the silent sticky marshmallowed masses that may yet have some small capacity to take in some TRUTH 'fore they're melted by the torch... He's one ta watch--really ripped off the bandaid and the flesh with it! (I'll be rootin' fer an encore from 'im too!)

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Jus' ketchin' up today an' seein' this post on the cankerous rot an' the cover-ups (we sure got it in spades here too!) made me wanna share a surprisin' clip whereby Malcolm Roberts rips off the bandaid an' the skin too!


May this 'un echo 'round the world an' back again! (Ya think it could wake up a few noodle-heads?....)

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I know it's extremely frustrating and dispiriting, but corrupt tyrants gonna behave like corrupt tyrants. They're never going to find themselves guilty of crimes against humanity, they're never going to hold themselves accountable, they're always going to spit in the face of the little people as they laugh out loud; it's who they are, they can't break the mould. It's the little people who are the real problem. Too many are wilfully content to remain little, not big, and DEMAND the removal of the corrupt tyrants from power. It is not so much the boot of the 'boot stamping on a human face forever' which is the problem, because the boot has always existed and always will, it is the human face which refuses to get up from the goddamn ground which is the problem.

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And talking of Bill ******* Gates.......malaria or ebola.....take your pick !

They are getting ready for the next one.

The world has gone stark raving nuts.

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No intention of visiting any country like Australia or Canada that their Dictators enforce dangerous medicines upon it's people!

Wake up Aussies! It's not too late to reclaim your FREEDOMS. Remove the despots that want to make you into submissive SLAVES!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and free because I ignored the lunacy of the Covid 'controls' they attempted in the UK!

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P. Richards - I'm sure they will and have used many methods to poison us, but my family eats fresh produce as much as possible. We grow some of our own vegetables, etc, and purchase meat from local butchers. We realise they could infuse these intended materials into our bodies from polluted air. So, we take various steps to avoid Government & WEF (NWO) poisoning, but realise we're not totally safe from Big Brother! Mick from Hooe!

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