...wull, first, it ain't POST-traumatic cuz the trauma is bein' engineered on us all 24/7 an' we ain't passed it yet! (yeah, I know that sounds BLEAK) I'm oft laggin' on my readin' now-daze (we also got Orange Colored Skyies here in Coughin' / Coffin land...) but I sure DO like yer posts John, yer sharp, relevant, fierce, insightful, an' often funny to boot. Hang with us all, least 'til they take down Substack!

Fwiw, I have ignored NOTES (all notes 'cept musical ones) as I have only so many lanes on my highway an' I cain't afford a new path've distraction, enlightenin' tho it may be. Fer that same reason I've avoided all shorter format stuff, I don't even look at it--even the Telegrams an' Gabs an' non-twit-based social-truth whatever whatever stuff...) As I said, too many lanes, gotta pick one to keep steerin' -- it may help ya focus on longer stuff when the spirit moves ya (?)...

Now indeedy, CJ Hopkins is surely in a pickle (I hope his trial goes well...Bhakdi's did!) an' he waxes in his glass darkly too--BUT, he's headin' off ta London Town to a conference with Taibi (now realizin' he wuz wrong on the clot shots), Shellenberg, & Brand an' bless'em all). He ain't givin' up the ghost / the GOAT! He kinda shifts from bein' cynical ta bein' hopeful an' I do believe we'ze all there... same (U-)boat.

We both (as ya said rightly) KNOW and yet DO NOT KNOW. It looks bad, but it ain't over yet... mild mannered Underdog still & most improbably beat RiffRaff & Simon Bar Sinister! (an' had a great theme song too!)

At this point I ain't countin' on the SLEEPING SOMA-suckers to EVER wake up. I once had hopes they would but now I see.... they're GONE.

BUT, I'm kinda countin' on us outliers bein' ignored. We don't really represent a lotta $$$ or own stuff they'd want. Path 've least resistance y'know. They need to count on compliance (of the majority) an' I think they kin hope we thinkers, we unswayed, will just fizzle on our own. There is no way in hell 'r high warter they can control each an' all 've us simultaneously, EVEN with all them 'puters an' their outta tune/auto-tune (algo)rhythm section.

We are virtually an' literally nuttin' to them--even their War Games signaled that "some" would live on the outskirts of society... IGNORED. (i.e. not usin' passports 'er eatin' bugz 'er collectin' universal basic income etc)

I imagine things perhaps lookin' like the end of Truffaut's "Fahrenheit 451" (like in the book but his stagin' of it is very concrete an' helpful I think...) I DO see a future like that an' there's hope in finding folks like-minded vs bein' steeped in the tea of illusion, y'know.

I cain't focus on them nukin' us (yass, it comes ta mind...but I push it out...) an' wonder how much is threat an' how much is promise.. They/Zey want us "afeared" but if we don't skeer easy an' fall inta the depression (or ptsd stuff) they'd eat THAT up... then I DO think we CAN be okay. OK an' outta the "ptsd" zone too...

Also, the MORE data they kin collect on those compliant, the more we outliers'll disappear in the cracks. Heck, every inch've New Yawk Shitty has got cameras an' "they" can't seem ta even identify most of the criminals 'er miscreants (even ta book 'em an' let 'em go!)--all that facial recog. an' they're still lost in the data spaghetti bowl...

But I think SHOUTIN' (as we do, in SPACE, inta the VOID...from our lil' soap boxes) is not fer naught! Who knows but this tenuous an' weird thread connectin' us all on the innertubes won't save us? We git idears, inspiration... We've all found we are NOT alone an' that duz stand fer a lot. Certainly knowin' this is savin' my mind cuz, like you, my ol' mates n' pals n' buddies are mentally flat-lined. They cannot, will not git it.... no matter how smart they once wuz... so via the magic of the innertubes, we all find compatriots far beyond our sightlines...

Many've us that took up Stacks didn't imagine we'd be "here"--whatever yer life wuz once--as a musician fer example (mine bein' in thee-ate-'er an' film) -- but we landed--an' on our feet--strangely, lookin' fer water an' finding it in a strange new land like Thomas Jerome Newton (Man Who Fell to Earth)...

Me, I'm gettin' a sense've "overwhelm" more n' "ptsd"--I cain't keep up so well with my readin' but I'm tryin' to do a bit each day...fer my own sanity. I got young'uns (a teen, one newly minted adult) so my givin' up ain't an option... I think we're all better equipped than them newly-minted so until we git "Back to the Garden"--it's upon us to show the way (ah, Joni, lost...)

Anywayz, tho it ain't POST-trauma, sure trauma it is an' we who are dazzled with kaleidoscope eyes are NOT GONE.

"Zey" ain't won yet. "Zey" may be winnin' on a grand scale but I think we kin avoid their searchlights--an' fer now, that may be ENOUGH! Take a break if ya need ta--but don't jump ship, ya never know how close safer harbor may be!

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Absolutely 💯

I was expressing similar thoughts

and emotions to my aunt just

3 hours ago.

She doesn't get it of course

but I live with her so she has

occasionally been a dumpsite

for me to get some things

off my chest because

I have zero support


Thank you for your incredible insight

into these issues because at least

I know I'm not alone which is

sometimes the only thing

that gets me through

this shit-show

clown world

of circus





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i feel and hear ya John;

It appears to i that we are living in some type of an altered reality where fear and loathing, fear and loathing, loathing and fear, loathing and fear dictate how "people" interact with one another post the hysterical phase of ConVid1984;

why do i now constantly feel the need to put the word people into open and closed quotation marks ; well, i think the people part of man has vacated the premises; and the man part of people has buried it's head deep in the sand with bare buttocks exposed to the minions of the few who wish to dictate to all what one can and cannot do; cue the analytical spreading of bare buttocks....

it seems that mindset has rubbed off onto "people" in very noticeable to i way; "people" no longer want to have a conversation unless it is about them; "people" no longer want to talk about ways that we might be able to rid ourselves of the overlords; "people" SEE you talking but they don't HEAR a word that is being spoken; "people" demand to see evidence of what you are talking about like we all carry around reams of documents in our pockets everywhere we go;

"show me proof"; "i've never heard that"; "i don't know about that" "where do you get these ideas from"?; "i've had it, the kids have had it, and we're all fine"; "i suppose you didn't have it, you look like the anti-vaxxer type" "i don't want to talk to you any further"....all while i'm trying to educate "people" about the unlawful nature of all tiers of "government" in Australia, somehow the "conversation" gets twisted back to the "vaccine";

then being sucked into that "vaccine" vortex, i tell them to look at GovCo websites and see the official number of reported excess deaths; have a look for Jab injuries groups and forums; stop watching the nightly news and investigate for yourself; take a walk to your local cemetery..... eyes bulge, veins pop, mouths spew venom;

i recently attended a group meeting that has very recently formed to support others of like mind and share knowledge at a local level; ideas about lawful remedies is part of the groups mission statement; Health and well-being another; well incomes buggalugs, yours truly. with some wisdom of his own to share and it went down like the zeppelin at Hindenburg; the looks and whispers were palpable;

as it turns out, the majority of this group have been experimented on; for some reason, i had a stupid presumption that the jabbernated wouldn't be involved in such a group;

So, here's Moi talking about remedies to hold the bastards to account for the harms they have done during the "lockdowns" and the jabs; then trying to share what i do lawfully to deny the beast any of it's presumed authority to have what is mine was quickly shut down; i made "people" uncomfortable..."the group is about caring and coming together...." the chairs moved into little clusters around the room;

there is something NQR about "people" and it is dragging me down; i feel like i have to choose my words very carefully so that i don't "offend" anyone which in-turn offends my very own senses; how it is that i have somehow become "offensive" to so many "people" is astounding;

i talk the way i have always talked and that is, straight to the point with no punches pulled, hopefully with a bit of humorous banter thrown in; i speak "aussie" and have always spoken "aussie"; now it seems that is not welcome any longer.

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I was raised by a violent and sadistic narcissist with borderline personality disorder so I'm pretty sure I got CPTSD by the time I was several months old, and I worked on healing that hellish mind trip for the better part of 60 years. Got to say it's been incredibly helpful for the last three years to have had all this experience being tortured and gas lit! I know it looks dire, folks, but something in me feels hopeful. And I felt it when reading that CJ column. I think there are more of us that see the truth than we realize and I'm glad we're holding on to that. I don't know how and I don't know when, but these bad guys are going to lose. They just are going to lose and lose utterly. It no doubt will get very very very ugly before we turn the tide. Thing is, I don't believe there are enough overseers on this plantation and that gives us an edge.

Sometimes we need to step back and stop trying to figure things out and just be in the joy of the present moment on this beautiful planet sharing with like-minded souls who are awake. Thank you for making a space where we can do this. Don't lose hope, John. We need it now as much as oxygen. So much love to you and all your subscribers.

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I have to agree. Although sometimes I reflect on how we gained our independence from Britain. Think of how crazy it must have sounded at first. “Let’s take on the superpower of the world and gain our freedom” said a bunch of farmers.

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When you're going through Hell, keep going.

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I often think, "God, I can't believe what they did to us."

Sometimes rage. Sometimes anger.

Mostly sadness.

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There is a lot more noise on Substack now but you are a clear shining light. I appreciate your acerbic wit and honest observations.

I noticed this past March that I seem to be suffering from a bit of PTSD. March of 2021 was when I put it together in my mind what could and is happening with the immune system being ruined by the shots, not long after I tried to warn friends and family and got shunned and called a “ conspiracy theorist listening to misinformation” to my face.

For my own mental health I have to be very careful how much bad news I take in. About CJ Hopkins, if he, or anyone else makes you feel hopeless, maybe they are not really on the up and up. Maybe I am wrong but he gave me a bad vibe, like he is not really who he purports himself to be. Just my take.....there are ALOT of jokers out there, jokers to make you feel hopeless, jokers to keep you in fear, jokers pushing divide and conquer narratives, jokers telling us we are winning don’t worry your pretty little head.......the best I can figure to do is tune out the negativity as best I can.

There are very few writers on Substack that come across as genuine to me now but you are one of them. You make a difference, you all the way over there in Australia make this American feel less alone, so thank you for that. 🙏

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My goodness John please don't go away. You happen to be someone I really look forward to having land in my inbox.

I am a bit like Daisy suffering these days from overwhelm rather PTSD. You can say to yourself "can't they all see the death around them ?"....and they can but having to admit the truth could be far too strong an adversary...so they continue the narrative, ignore and pretend. Keep pretending and maybe it will go away.

I no longer care about those who took the poison except for my son. Every now and again my heart fills with tears and my eyes explode as I wait for the inevitable. And just in case and if there ever was an afterlife all I can hope at least he and I will be together....(sooner than I thought). Hopeful pretend bargaining, but it is all I have got and I have to have something to hang on to as there is not much else. There is a song that ends.....is that all there is ?


But I think the PTB are more inclined to take us to war very very soon. The US seemed determined. Money crash = WAR. They will be in their bunkers so they don't give a flyin f*ck about the rest of us.

Don't wish to upset US friends but they continually tell us we were stupid to get rid of our guns while sit upon millions of millions of them. We actually didn't have that many anyway.

Their second amendment told them to keep them specifically for tyranny in government. Well I doubt that I have seen a more tyrannical govt than the present one. Poisoning their land, their air, their food, their medicine and their minds. Stealing elections. Waging war all over and destabilising the planet. Yes it has been going on for many years but the current government is putting it all in their faces and don't care one bit what the people think. And out govt says YES SIR, how much lower do you want me to bend?

We have an online newspaper here called Perth Now and the trite that is on there is unbelievable. All we get is car accidents, social media influencers and sport. There is a war about to break out and NOT ONE WORD about it. And exactly the same with the ABC. Unbelievable. We are all bleeding sick (ignorant ) here in this state. Go along to get along. Keep your bleeding eyes and ears shut .....and she will be ok mate!

Had some of my husband's friends drop in this week and I told them I was unvaxxxed.....instant ice ! They are really nice people and told me they went with what their religious organisation told them to do. No looking into it....just blindly follow. I talked about a few other eye raising subjects (upcoming war etc.) and they did not know ONE WORD about what I talked about. NOT ONE WORD.

My husband and I have been separated for many years and live in separate quarters on our farm. My husband of course has the same views as his friends (he is in the same religion) which surprises me as he is a supremely intelligent individual. He has blocked me at every opportunity when it comes to getting ready for what may happen even though I am an autonomous individual in my own right. Why don't I shift away....too old.

EG keeps MY trailer full so I cannot use it. etc etc.

This state of affairs does not draw on who is intelligent when it comes to seeing the true state of affairs of this world. We just have to look at those who have been vaxxed to see that. I was astounded at some of the people who chose to be vaxxed but I don't believe for one minute people like the those at the top actually got it....more like a placebo.

I still believe that we who did not go the course have been chosen. Chosen for what.....I dunno ! And now I don't care. I am just an old woman who wishes it would all stop.

You would have read our Premier has resigned. A case I think of getting out while the going is good. I don't doubt by now that he is well aware of what will be coming up in the next ten years.

Unless the bomb gets us first......or the total money crash.....or the WEF..........or the WHO.....or the Chinese..........or the interdimensional beings.............to look forward to.

So John please don't leave us. You are a little light in the sky for us.

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Regarding your use of and observations around using notes - you may be interested to know that’s how I discovered you here, subsequently Subscribed to you and in turn share your posts with full credit to you on GETTR. 💯

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Sorry, but you can't 'GIVE UP' on trying to inform the world what's really going on! We've all got to ramp up our efforts in order to reveal the reality (of Covid and the USELESS but DEADLY INJECTIONS they are peddling) to those 'unfortunates' that believe everything the 'establishment' tells them!

Email to my Son-In-Law =

"Have you seen various Conspiracy Theorists like Joe Rogan and Steve Kirsch have offered a large bet to those that continue to pretend that ALL injected medicines (laughingly referred to as VACCINES) - IF they accept randomly chosen injections that they say are acceptable for CHILDREN!"

Even though the proceeds would go to their 'FAVOURITE CHARITY'!

So far, No takers?

I wonder why? It's probably the same reason that NONE of the injection makers (BIG PHARMA) rejects any/all LIABILITY for INJURIES & DEATHS related to their (SAFE & EFFECTIVE") depopulating injections.

Quite unreasonable, if not an insane condition in which to promote DEADLY medicines?

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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You don’t fight because you think you’ll win, you fight because it’s the right thing to do.

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Short answer: yes, absolutely. Did you see my last article? I am taking a short break from publishing because I am so traumatised.

Long answer in article: https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/doing-a-harold-holt

Look at all those comments...

Edit: and I know you feel hopeless and things look rather hopeless but every act of noncompliance is an ACTIVE middle finger to evil. Noncompliance is ACTIVE. Remember that, John. Every time you do good (not nice, GOOD) you diminish the monster and other people see your noncompliance and are emboldened. Remember, one does not debate to win over one's opponent, but the onlookers. Don't give up.

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I agree, it does appear we are fucked. But you are only totally fucked when you totally give up. I'd rather die raging, than resigned. I'd rather go down fighting the iron Death Machine with a feather duster and barbie doll scissors than lie down and let it roll over me. Because NOTHING is inevitable, except inevitability itself, and inevitability is in the lap of the gods, not these tin pot totalitarian pretenders. Keep fighting. Freedom fighting is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.

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It's helpful to know we're not alone. Many times in most situations we are when it comes to people. I find the value of a spiritual life couldn't be more important in all respects. Animals can be spiritually refreshing and a source of sanity. Of course, if their owners have lost it, perhaps not so much!

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