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A doctor - not my usual one who has never pressed me to get vaccinated and has mysteriously vanished from the clinic - gave me the results of my antibody test in March 2022 to verify whether I'd ever had SARS-CoV-1 (from the 2000s) or SARS-CoV-2. It was my last-ditch attempt to save my job.

Nope. Alas, I was ridiculously healthy. In my mind, I expected the doctor to congratulate me, perhaps ask for a vial of my blood which might come in handy later when the blood banks become clogged. Instead, she said "Is there anything I can say to convince you to get vaccinated?" I managed to leave the office without smashing anything but later that day, printed out a copy of that infamous 38-page Pfizer test report and placed a helpful post-it note at the last 9 pages listing thousands of horrible injuries in the APPENDIX 1. LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST. I left it for her at reception the next day.

Last week I purchased a book titled 'Undoctored' by William Davis, purged my bathroom of medication - if I get that rare headache, I'll just drink more water - and perused a stack of medical books I'd bought from a med student from eBay last year. As far as I'm concerned, doctors are the enemy and should be publicly scorned at every opportunity.

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All true, thanks. I flash on a line from one of our grown daughters: “But Mom, I do real research.”

And one of our grown tech exec sons: “oh, I think they’ve got it pretty well figured out Mom.”

All of course implying that their parents do not, lol. We shall see.

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Ask them if they think that healthy children under 12 should get the shots.

Explain to them that the IFR for healthy kids is so far to the right of the decimal that they have a statistically ZERO chance of dying from covid. It is of zero benefit for them to get the shots. It also is of zero benefit to anyone else because they will still get it and transmit it, injected or not.

Then tell them to "ASK YOUR DOCTOR" (just like the advertisements say):

"Should healthy children under the age of 12 get the shots?".

If the answer isn't "NO" then you are not dealing with a medical professional (Pro). There is no "yes" or "it depends". You now know your doctor is a pharma cartel whore (Ho). I call it the "Pro or Ho" question.

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John Botica--this is a very concise and wonderful overview. The mass formation 30%! Perfect!

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Yes, at this point only scorn, ridicule, and a healthy dose of mocking sarcasm, are the best medicine for such wilful blindness.

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