1. ya made my day with "LGBTIQA+XYZ-Two-All-Beef-Patties-Special-Sauce-Lettuce-Cheese-Pickles-Onions-on-a-Sesame-Seed-Bun people"--nothin' like a tongue twister that "sold" twisted tongues on crappy food with a GREAT jingle! (ha!) sorry only that you Aussies weren't spared the fast food dung-pile in-dust-ree that ruined the American diet...I guess Elvis (true king!) wasn't the only royalty the USA exported... but yeah, good jingle an' SO apt fer the rainbow sprinkle freak flag movement...


2. gorsh, Central Castin' right in Victoria--imagine that? I hope they were paid well cuz they had ta wear them danged masks ("real" Nazis wouldn't mask up now would they?!) Wuz it MI6 that cut their checks? Did they have to goose-step to get the gig? How'd they cast it--"Open Call for Act-Turds to play Nazis to frame Trans Persons in a staged Victim-eye-zay-shun Live Event?"... I hope they got a free ticket to enjoy some GMO Burger Kang thang after the director called cut!

3. nope, never on their radar--radar dis-connected! (Ground control to Major Tom--no commune-i-cay-shun) I agree, we likely can't save 'em but we can (I do think) save our own proverbial donkey skins an' that've those in our famblies /mates, etc. that remain awake... Cain't drag a sleepin' fool ta safety half as easy as one that kin walk (even with a bit'o support...)

Indeed, Orwell was prophetic an' spot-on. As he sez, "It depends on you..." / US... AH Wilderness!

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I’m glad you liked the… "LGBTIQA+XYZ-Two-All-Beef-Patties- etc, etc. And I’m not surprised it tickled you! :) Yes, you’re right! What kind of self respecting Nazis would have their ugly mugs covered up like that?! And I betcha anything the woollen beanies were covering up ponytails and man-buns!

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Mar 27, 2023Liked by John Botica

Quote: JB "as they’re starting to seriously tick some folks off! People are starting to lose empathy with their plight."

That is if we had any to begin with. If my progeny came to me to announce the removal of appendages and/or change of gender I would march them off to the doctors for a mental assessment.

I have known a few "gay" (hate the use of that lovely word for this) people in my life and they have never pushed it in my face as the movement does now. I was free to make my choice to keep associating as a friend or acquaintance of my own free will.

Now no longer tolerating all the sh*t that is pushed at us for EVERYTHING.

I have been getting ready for all these collapses for years and I am fed up to the teeth with all those that have told me constantly how stupid I am. My greatest pleasure will be to smile at them when they come begging.

Nasty....you bet but the sneering and back handed laughs have just about driven me nuts while trying to maintain my stance of no jab, a bit of land, alternative power supply, a bit of food, a garden, a few chooks, and a few coins. It has been bloomin' hard word both physically and especially mentally.

My sister told me recently that my own son was surprised when she told him I was the most intelligent in the family and had won many scholarships for tertiary study. He thought I was the least. My alternative ways do not key up with his view on intelligence or reality. Wow that hurt!

Yes they have all made their choices:


"Their minds have literally built their own impenetrable barrier towards recognising the truth.

Their minds have been wiped of all and any capacity towards exercising critical thought processes.

There’s no saving them.

It’s too late.

They've made their decision.

They’re essentially partaking in voluntary suicide."

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Hey Space Man, looking closer…the digital contrasting info seems to be helping throw peeps off kilter, neighborhood is getting hinky too. On the down hill side, working from home on line mom (in health care relations, ha!) unit has become nuts, limping and vision issues, not even a little nod to others in recognition of the beautiful spring weather. On the uphill side, 70+ year old gal, caretaker for 99 yr old mom, lovely gal who has been troubled by severe joint pain since the daughter has made sure to do her best and kept her up on all the latest jabs, now has been diagnosed with early dementia, this is after a recurrence of colon cancer and has had yardage of intestines removed. Guy across the street is going nuts, retired ex capital hill police, was very sharp with amazing recall and always had a fascinating story to tell, is now wandering in circles talking to himself. 25 yr old ex employee, amazingly talented glass artist apprentice of my husband, amazingly listened and not jabbed, ‘girlfriend’ jabbed to the moon is celebrating ‘her’ recently scheduled ‘flattening’ surgery planned for June.

Just a glimpse here as I continue to rake the yard, turn the beds and prep for planting.

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Always love your articles, thanks.

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John, the bible says that as we approach the end of the world, mankind will be like the days of both Noah and Lot Luke 17:22-30. Noah's day--wickedness compiled including sexuality between demonic entities and women. Lot's day--open homosexuals attacking visiting angels sent by God to observe the town. The spokes holding the center of the wheel in place which allow the wheel to turn are being cut one by one. As this happens, the world at large is believing a series of open and growing delusions which will lead directly global regional government, global collectivist authoritarianism and then finally to the mark of the beast system and the worship of a man in place of God. This is coming because God's moral laws that uphold creation and the universe have been rejected by the leadership of world.

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Yes it seems to be going in that direction. I don’t know how religious you are but God describes the end times in the book of Deuteronomy and Book of Revelations. The first one describes by Moses how the Jews will break their covenant with God but eventually after they are punished or they return to their covenant and repent God will save the remnant that remains. The New Testament refers to the whore of Babylon being the apostates of non Jews and their destruction by violence and wars. God is triumphant in the end with the remnant of faithful He promises to save.

It’s really all in the Bible a reminder to us all from thousands of years ago. We all have the power in our choices personally but when evil will be destroyed by God only then can we live in peace. Keeping the faith has never been more important than this in this time.

God is watching us all.

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I am Hebrew Christian believer. Agreed. What is this Deut passage you are referring to?

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The poem of Moses that describes the punishment/destruction of the world including Jews. The Song of Moses is the name sometimes given to the poem which appears in Deuteronomy 32:1–43 of the Hebrew Bible, which according to the Bible was delivered just prior to Moses' death on Mount Nebo.

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You are so right when you say the LGBTSDF blah blah blah community is starting to lose respect! Same thing with Obama setting the civil rights movement back fifty years with his racism bullshit! If the gay community truly wanted equality they would drop the labels (gay lesbian queer homosexual etc) but in fact that's exactly what they WANT!!! To be different! Same thing holds true for the black community! If you are just as equal which we do not deny then why the need for the labels?

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Mar 26, 2023Liked by John Botica

Totally right.

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Not a single aspect, not a community, nor profession or enteprise business or way of life has evaded the disaster plus effects of this darkness. It has and still is seeping into our very minds words and actions. And little by little if we continue on this road without God’s help we are all going to devolve in helpless creatures. Pray pray pray. Read the Bible study with friends. Know that God is the only ONE left to end the evil darkness destroying us. He will eventually turn toward us and be kind to us. For most of are suffering and alone and need His Divine Presence. He once sent the messiah Moses to grant freedom to those who called Him. And God once sent Jesus the messiah to liberate non jews from the darkness of this world. He will again rescue us. But first we must go through our own Garden of Gethsemane before being saved. Heaven help us all

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Its a good word but not sure i would read it as destruction in final days. This word as it could relate to co-vxx: Deuteronomy 32:24

[24] they shall be wasted with hunger, and devoured by plague and poisonous pestilence;

I will send the teeth of beasts against them, with the venom of things that crawl in the dust.

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All of Western Society goes 2+2=5 and mutilates their genitals, collective insanity.

Couldn't be all happening to a nicer colony of harelips

All note that this crap is only being shoved down the throats of the UK-COMMONWEALTH ( that includes penal colony USA )

If you understand that CCP engineered all of this for the orderly transition of the genocide of all UK-Commonwealth and the future asian occupation then it all makes sense.

The merge of all age is complete


The end-goal was always genocide on western lands, not war but civil-war/suicide/fratricide/infantcide


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