The problem is that the propaganda is so good that the drones have a knee-jerk reaction.

I was asking a liberal why they wouldn't vote for RFK instead of Biden, and they said the reason was that he sounded funny and he was a vaccine skeptic. When I pointed out that I don't trust the government agencies such as the CDC, NIH, and FDA anymore, the person went into a spiel about how vaccines save lives and keep people from dying.

But that person must have seen the gene therapies' death counts, right? Or are they buying the line that quacks, I mean doctors, don't know why people are dying?

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We elites are gonna do what Hitler could only dream of.....

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Some days you have to laugh or you'll cry!

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OMG ....another bag of popcorn !

John you have written the most perfect paragraph I have seen on Substack.

"It's simply buckled over tears to the eyes hilarious listening to these over-rated self-glorifying bean counters, as they frustratingly battle with the inescapable gnawing realisation, that their academically acquired knowledge and understanding of the general historical rules and patterns of fiscal fluctuations and self-regulated market evaluations, are in no way jiving with their cheep-ass shtick... to the point of fast slipping from the grasp of their imagined expertise!"

I can only sit back and make no comments anymore to those around me. The "dumbness" is done like a fine dinner.

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Yup, the "fin-ant-shell" pundits are the MOST hoot worthy critters around an' as ya rightly said all their "academically acquired" knowledge" means zippo bananas cuz they'ze gonna lose their pants (an' their shirts too). Their word salads are quite tossed these days! No amount'a dressin' kin cover it. While it all "faws down" (as we're wartchin' in real time), I do indeed think laughter is the best medi-sin--tho' yer "face of the 2020s" is likely the biggest medi-SINNER on record worth more than a few "laffs"--the rat bastard just snagged a fine rat's nest at "tony" Georgetown U. "Willard" looked right cute in comparison. Harari is another rat--both'a these putrid pip-squeaks actually look like rodents! It's some solace knowin' rats don't swim well tho... these are swamp creatures, sure, but I'm hopin' they'll git in over their heads an' drown--metaphorically of course (I hope the event will nevertheless be broadcast!)

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