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I do not think they will get away with it - people are losing family and friends by the bucket load, and they will rebel. Give them a bit more time:


And if The Narrative was steaming ahead, as it was a couple of years ago, why are some of the previously pro-'vax' Talking Heads starting with the mea culpas? And asking for amnesty?

And why are only <20% (just a few percent in Israel) lining up for the latest shot?

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Wonderful essay. I suspect they are already hooked up to Elon's self driving iPad brains. Stuck on high speed reverse. The dumbest would be planetary rulers of all.

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Great article, a pleasure to read, every word is true. Except for: I believe that the tyrants are losing control, they didn't achieve their goals, they are behind schedule, according to their plans, the whole wold should have been vaccinated by now, they didn't succeed and they will not succeed, the opposition is growing, we will win.

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Summed up perfectly John

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yup, the breakdown here's right on point---an' I think it comes down to jello....human...JELLO. Quiverin'- "skeered" nearly-transparent somewhat fruity and overly sweet...jello.

Fergit the chefs at the top with the well-sharpened knives (AI or 5G or even real..)... they are dangerous but they are few. Most of the frightened folks in the world over are...JELLO. Now for the them chefs, the world is their "meal" (oyster...arguably) BUT we who resist are a little like crabs (uncooked of course and wantin' to escape the boilin' pot...)... are harder to crack. We are less predictable--all walkin' sideways to avoid harm, hard-shelled (given what's hurled at us thank goodness we are!), sharp-eyed, an' armed with pinchers to fight back if needed--

Yet we are ultimately not happy to be on the same plate (cell!) with the jello because the jello is so damned PASSIVE. It quivers, it gives, it has no hard edges, it's compliant. Push it, it gives.

The bulk of humanity is now in the (pardon the pun...) jello mold! ... They are pre-formed, cannot cannot handle / adapt to the truth (ugly truth) but en masse if the jello were made to understand, it's a big enough potentially sentient human blob to fully SMOTHER the chefs--drown 'em in gelatinous goo. If ONLY the danged jello would grow feet (and balls!) it IS enough to stall nay take down the miscreants in charge.

The sous chefs (who follow the chefs dumbly--even as they chase us crabs....) will not matter. Jello would smother 'em too... IF if if... they were able to firm up....change their passive aspic! (aspect!)....

I know this is a little nutty (goin' with the food thematics here) but I am SURROUNDED by jello.... they believe, they trust, most are not bad apples (truly) but they are deaf to the truth (they are molded one way and I guess they like the fit?). They stay in their safe "mass".... but nothing REALLY is stopping them from emerging, un-molding or at least remolding (jello brain mold anyone?).... I feel that synapses could yet fire... we don't have a helluva lotta time though...

What can we badass crabs do? I'm not remotely comfy livin' in jello-land...

NOTE: Jello, if you Aussies were spared this strange American dessert-like "instant" dish, is THIS:


I will add that you can make a homemade version that is not a horror (organic fruit, no fake red dye etc) and is actually...purdy good an' healthy but above I'm talkin' 'bout the regrettable jiggly "commercial" version that reminds me of the quiverin' humanity that took the jab and is STILL deaf to logic, truth, and what ails them!

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The one is failing, it will fail soon is my perspective. Due to a lack of human and other resources.

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