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If I were to paint a simple analogy for how these dingbats still believing the “official Covid narrative” appear to those of us who (in the face of a veritable tidal wave of corporatised military grade mind control and propaganda) still manage to retain and exercise our commonsense and critical thinking skills—

It’s as though we were to give them a “problem solving task" (an exercise).



Placed on the table behind which our woolly headed friends are seated, is a “LARGE SOUP DISH.”

All that is in that soup dish is “ONE SINGLE GOLF BALL.”


They must figure out a way to get the "GOLF BALL" out of the "SOUP DISH"— without touching the “DISH ITSELF!”

But, here’s the kicker!—

They’ve only got "24 hours" to figure a way to do it!

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Oh my God! My entire faith in humanity has just been blown!

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by John Botica

So much evil! Especially in this format, when you put it together with the hits coming at one with relentless breakneck speed. How can people still not see through the insanity and lies? Mind-boggling and depressing. I guess most will have to learn the hard way, and I take no pleasure in that for those who fell captive to the narrative.

And they have the utter gaul to say, nay demand, that “we” move past all of their BS and write a blank amnesty check? I think not!

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It was cold chills, horrifying. It seems that the lie is so sad. Hard to watch those beautiful people die.

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I didn't fall for the con! But I'm a 'crank' by nature and now, a fully paid-up Conspiracy Theorist!

Governments won't acknowledge the increasing numbers of fatalities since the Covid Vax was 'invented' just a few months after Covid was released. Suspicious - or perhaps a DEPOPULATION Plan??

Not many of us left now and it's getting worse by the day!

We, the unvaxxed, survive because we took time to study the Covid & vax con and associated lies, before taking a deadly 'leap of faith' in Medics, Government, Politicians and the PHARMACEUTICAL industry. NEVER AGAIN!

I'm sure Fauci spent days if not months trying to find inaccuracies, in the books about his decades of nefarious activities, from which he could create a litigation??? Sadly, he was 100% culpable from day one and will hopefully pay the inevitable price! Death by lethal injection for MURDERING MILLIONS. And now he's actually being given Rewards for his crimes?????

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for ALL PHARMACEUTICAL companies that make EXPERIMENTAL and seemingly DANGEROUS 'medicines' sometimes incorrectly referred to as vaccines. It's just COMMON SENSE!

Also, F*^k PAYPAL for thinking they could FINE customers $2500 for misbehaving or criticising CDC/FDA or Big Pharma's 'LICENCE TO KILL' (aka; Total Immunity from all LIABILITY), and without Adolf Schwab's agreement to proceed with the Plan.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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John, HI. John I just wanna make sure i'm not having a Mandela Effect moment, LOL-- Did you change-up the spelling of the last name on your substack handle? In my memory, it's branded as that it was "Biotica". But I may have been having a dyslexic mashup, lol. Please confirm. Thanks!!

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