Well, that was a cheery video (not).

I've listened to Mike Yeadon since he first popped up back in 2020.

Sadly, he's been proved right all the time.

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Thanks so much. Going to share this as a comment on my most recent post.

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Thank you!

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Not a chance! Thank YOU.

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The collective apathy and blind stubborn ignorance in the face of something so critically important, is going to ultimately see us all wind up dead, or (at the very least) living as slaves.

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Agreed with your analysis of Mike Yeaden's intelligence and tenacity. By comparison, I'm a 'dimwit' but proud that Dr Yeaden has responded enthusiastically to my controversial 'comments' that I try to insert whenever a topic seems to make doing so relevant.

I've got many serious concerns about what has become so obvious since Covid was 'introduced' in order to justify the use of a deadly injected substance that seems to have little relevance to a virus. The crap does NOTHING to cure Covid, NOTHING to stop Covid and has proven to be the biggest and most deadly con in human history.

Just a few of my most relevant questions;

1. How come all of the major (SECRETIVE) pharmaceutical medicine makers all 'discover' an injection that was supposed to cure Covid within a few weeks of Covid appearing and almost simultaneously?

2. How come some of the major (SECRETIVE) pharmaceutical medicine makers 'invent' a Cure based on a revolutionary mRNA procedure within weeks of each other?

3. Why do none of these enormously profitable and wealthy companies NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY for their POISONS (called vaccines)?

4. Why did Big Pharma, Big Tech the Press & Media all denigrate several pre-proven, pre-existing, W.H.O. RECOMMENDED anti-viral medicines like IVERMECTIN, HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, etc?

5. Why did anybody believe Fauci was not instrumental in 'modifying' bat viruses to make them more deadly before agreeing the release onto the unsuspecting public?

6. Why did the UK's new UNELECTED Rat of a Prime Minister recently vote for DEADLY VAX PASSPORTS = in order to restrict unvaxxed people from international travel. The Bali G20 - WEF organised event saw Adolf Schwab hold Rat Sunak's hand while instructing him on how to vote.

Many of us know the answers to these questions but it's difficult to get the DEASF/BLIND to realise such questions need to be answered.

There are many other questions that urgently need answering but if 'LIABILITY' was reintroduced for Big Pharma, many of these would quickly become BANKRUPT from justifiable litigation and the world might be returned to some sort of normality. Pfizer & others would cease to exist!

The world would return to being a wonderful place instead of an upcoming haven for the ELITE who are going to be served by those that survived the planned VACCINE CULL.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots before leaping into the abyss.

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Please link the video!!

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Just click the image. I’ll paste a link in as well.

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