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"This concentration camp is quite likely to be here— FOR THE REST OF ALL TIME!!"

CONSIDER THIS: Mankind (more to the point, the "peasants") have been ruled and oppressed since the Beginning of Time (as we understand it, from the History Books and the Bible which could be grossly manipulated by Man, like everything else, that we are now learning?)

We gave away our POWER, or was it STOLEN from us? All we wanted was to survive, to thrive and be happy; we were simple folk : (

The WEALTHIEST and most POWERFUL got their because they had NO MORAL COMPASS and just wanted MORE and MORE ...

NEVER BEFORE in our History has the darkness been BRILLIANTLY ILLUMINATED!

When you SEE the TRUTH it is impossible to "un-see" it ... does OPPORTUNITY knock?

Knock Knock: STOP waiting on our neighbour to do something, but rather to INVITE our neighbour to JOIN us to move forward, STAND UP, and FIGHT for, our RIGHTS and FREEDOMS!

It matters not how we understand History, or believe in the Bible which could have been manipulated.

Education can be a powerful tool in de-programming now ... it may be too late because so many of us are so full of ego that we miss the CUES and most VITAL POINTS, "hiding plainly in sight". Many are so deep into denial, fighting amongst each other, and letting the Oppressors Rule continue to TAKE from us. This is all we know and that is how it has been since the "Beginning of Time" ...

We are BRILLIANT, RESILIENT human beings, yet we do not RECOGNISE THIS; if we did we would be taking ACTION, and not just winging and hoping that things will CHANGE without DOING ANYTHING!

There is a lot we can DO, and every SMALL STEP leads us FORWARD ... NEVER say DIE!

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They just gotta big elevator and shoved Hell up to us as it was easier than bringin' us all down to the basement-- but make no mistake, we're there! (As fer flames, just wait'a few months--cities'll burn when everyone runs outta fuel... or mebbe the nukes'll send us all out in a blaze!). Horrific what ya wrote--it skews a tad different here as each state still maintain's a little "thread" of sinew from former rights--but it's all tenuous. Hospitals out-n-out murdered folks--forced killer vents n' remdesivir on'em and collected big $$$ fer it too. So almost no health freedom here for the unjabbed... They had nice CAMPS set up fer us too--here in New Yawk the deal was they could lock'ya up without reason and without an END DATE!!! So insane was this that a court turned it over...


BUT a course they're gonna appeal... our EVIL governor Cathy the Pharma-HO Hocul is a disgrace -- a quarantine camps too cozy fer her, I'd recommend a penthouse in Hades! (https://thcsofdaisymoses.substack.com/p/ho-ho-ho-hochul)

I hope some fightin' back Down Under get Up an' Over and squarsh the bass-turds--gotta do the same here too! So many folks 'r asleep at the wheel (literally!)--we need them in the fight...it's indeed fer our LIVES.

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Is the picturefrom thosecreepy denver airpirt murals?

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Hey John I saw in your bio that you are a musician well that drew me in as I am a bassist your writing is astonishing to say the least I bet you’re one hell of a musician too what instrument do you play?

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“Once and awhile a son, a daughter, gets away”

Gary Snyder

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Right on bro.

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Excellent post. The brass tacks and barbed wire need to be made crystal clear. The woke persist in their Snow White slumbers unaware they are the Stalag inmates.

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Well said, John. And how apt that you should feature the demonic mural from Denver International Airport.

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Western Australia seems to have been possessed by the Devil!

How is PUSSY Trudeau still given credence for his Tyranical but pathetic (narcissistic) rules?

World Health Organisation = Now labelled as “Divisive and unreliable”.

F**k YouTube if they think they can get my cooperation and be 'controlled by the Tyrants!

Also; 'F**k PAYPAL' for 'jumping the gun' without Adolf Schwab's authority, with threats of $2500 fines for customers who dare to criticise the DEADLY injection program set up by the NWO.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and ready!

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There is strong evidence that the millions of mask-wearing zombies were hatched in pods following an alien invasion. Fight Medical Tyranny. Watch and SHARE POD PEOPLE BARBECUE on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr5y3gndykM

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