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I feel that Mattias Demet's theory of 'mass formation psychosis' is too simplistic an argument for what transpired in society but I do believe that the COVID-19 propaganda highlights what we learnt from the Asch and Millgram experiments from the 1950s and 1960s in human psychology: individuals are prepared to lie to themselves in order to conform to the majority view and that fear of authority leads people to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty.

Baby Alex's story and the sheer cruelty of preventing people from seeing their loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals, from fulfilling the rituals of love, kindness and spirituality when people group together and normalising the exile of free-thinkers, or the 'wrong thinkers,' has completely shattered my faith in society to do what is morally right.

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As I’ve written elsewhere of Mattias Desmet and mass formation theory is the following:

(1) I found it useful early on in the pandemic and later as a superficial explanation.

(2) it gets more problematic upon considering those who do not fall into mass formation.

(3) It fails to adequately address the full historical and cultural factors behind this mass formation

(4) there is a faint but real danger of engaging in a blame the victims mentality

(5) there is a kind of schizophrenic view in the dangers of both blaming the victims and failing to adequately explain a conspiracy of just who, what and how induced this mass formation.

(6) If there’s no vast conspiracy which induced this mass formation then we are blaming the victims.

(7) alternatively by comprehending the vast conspiracy which most certainly does exist the reality of many years of propaganda, of state sponsored terror, of widespread suppression and the top-down mandating of psychological instability in the form of Nonsensical Woke ideology there is a group responsible for successfully imposing psychological terror on those affected.

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This is the most important question to be asked...and Micheal from Cafe Locked Out did a short video on it...Why don't people care?

He said of people "they look the same, sound the same, smell the same...but their ethics are not the same as ours"...and I wonder all the time if the jabs have had something to do with it also. Worth watching: https://rumble.com/v1p6kxr-the-one-question-that-becomes-ever-more-profound-cafe-locked-out.html?mref=32yct&mc=49dmy

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Wishing you a Happy Day After Christmas. Heartily agree with your essay. It all comes down to a loss of those vestigial evolutionary physiological devices known as BS detectors. Unfortunately my reasoning on this won’t fit in this comment. More later.

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Try Google of Bing searching "soulless vaccine" or other combinations. No results connecting to vaccine.

Search my emai collection of articles; several results.

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Thank you for sharing Baby Alex's story, John. Fortunately, those of us who are awake do give a toss, and there are more of us every day. The spell will eventually wear off, and the dazed sleepwalkers will gradually rediscover their humanity—although it may be too late by then.

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Being 77, and not particularly 'hi-tech', I didn't realise I wasn't working the system on your behalf.

We've got to pull together! Mick.

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OK John! I hadn't even realised the importance of this action to you! I will do as you request from now until wee remove the WEF, The CDC, The FDA, The WHO and Adolf Schwab! Mick from Hooe (UK).

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I purposely avoided readIng Rice’s authentic account of what happened with Baby Alex because I knew what emotions it would engender.

Today thanks to your reminder John, I gave in and read it. My initial emotional response was tremendous sorrow for the baby and parents. Now, after a few minutes of weeping turning to calm and saying a prayer for an innocent life lost through wicked willful ignorance, the RAGE at those responsible has overtaken me - a constant feeling these days.

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I think Desmet nails it pretty well, and that the brainwashing has been an intentional psyop by our intelligence communities for seven decades. Mass Formation comes from the need to belong. The COVIDians are rallying together as a righteous tribe. In addition to belonging, this gives them meaning and purpose. We need to provide a different avenue for belonging and meaning. Calling them sheep is not going to work.

Patton was on to the people who had taken over our virtue narratives when he stated in 1945 that we fought the wrong enemy in the war. We destroyed moralistic fascists on behalf of amoral communists. They got rid of him. How many of you even know about that story? Was it in the Patton movie?

Our propose that we morph our freedom and resistance movement into a series of new nations with one overriding ethos. We seek truth, health, happiness, and ordered community.

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"As though each and every day finds you living a real life scene from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

-- Right on, brother.

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It's got nothing to do with "mass formation" or psychology, but with mind control via microwave.

The brains of the vaccinated have been hacked, the graphene nanobots have connected them to the internet, and their thoughts, feelings and actions are now determined by some satanic AI. They are being transformed into bio robots that follow secret commands.

That's why some doctors do everything possible to harm their patients. It's not negligence or ignorance, it is evil intent.

You can no longer trust anyone who is vaccinated.

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The 'believers' in Covid & 'SAFE and EFFECTIVE' (sometimes DEADLY) INJECTIONS can persuade themselves that all is well, Big Pharma, Doctors, the Governments, Vax makers are all working tireless to save our lives from a (man-enhanced) disease (no more lethal than FLU). Nothing can sway their steadfast confidence in the matter. It's nothing to do with the New World Order, the Great Reset, greed or financial gain!

We know of several people with POST VAX health complications (Adverse Reactions). It's happening to friends, but fortunately and incredibly, we do not personally know of deaths post vax. These issues maybe permanent!

We have a local friend, (a dentist) that recently had a Covid jab then lost his memory as well as some other faculties, such as balance, ability to talk or understand. Fortunately, he has recovered somewhat, but we don't know if his memory will 'repair'? His Wife was assured by a relative - a doctor 'expert' that the problem must have been due to her hubby catching Flu & Covid simultaneously! This is how the vax supporters avoid addressing difficult questions = the truth. They believe, and can somehow avoid questioning the narrative!

Doctors used to have pride, dignity, compassion, honesty and the trust of their patients. Their 'oath' was 'DO NOI HARM'. This was way back in 2019, before they received the WEF New World Order instructions to promote EXPERIMENTAL depopulation injections, incorrectly referred to as VACCINES.

Doctors now seem intent in enforcing deadly but useless, ineffective injections into babies that gain no benefit, but can die as a consequence of the injections. This immoral, disgusting, inexplicable insensitivity identifies all that choose not to speak out as MURDERERS!

Now we've sussed the con as a universal CULL (Depopulation) of humanity to reduce Global Warming, which would leave the remaining COVID VAX survivors (and those that joined the dots and saw the BIG LIE = THE GREAT UNVAXXED), as Servants (SLAVES) to our newly 'self appointed' WEF (Elite) masters.

I'm too old to physically physically retaliate but I continue to let the people know how corrupt the World Health Organisation has become since Bill Gates (biggest investor/benefactor/influencer) redesigned their Mission from helping mankind health, into helping to double his fortune by declaring false Diseases, Pandemics and new reasons for 'inventing deadly cures' called 'vaccine'.

Not worth taking another chance with the 'man enhanced' bio-weapon called 'Covid 19 VAX' (Fauci's Gain of Function experimental depopulation project). The 'miraculous' but useless (frequently DEADLY) Covid vax - invented at the "speed of science" (probably simultaneously in the adjacent Wuhan lab). Don't contribute to furthering the Pfizer's directors' wealth by taking yet another health destructing jab.

LIABILITY must be reintroduced for DEADLY INJECTION MAKERS because the 'Temporary concession' for Swine Flu (1976) was a total DEADLY FAILURE but minuscule in proportion to the Covid Vax that's now killing MILLIONS!

EXEMPTION from LIABILITY is nothing more that a 'LICENCE TO KILL', while Big Pharma increase their, already massive, fortunes.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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