Dan tweaking hardcore in that photo.

Very disturbing how Australia is not negotiating and agitating for peace. We have to serve our US masters, though. The Pine Gap monster demands it. https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/micro-donations-to-excessdeathsau

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Up there with KRudd and saggy arse Gillard as the most useless waste of a live sperm and an egg!!!!

The useless lisping communist Koont can’t even speak fluently or enunciate properly but then he has so many arms up his shit chute yanking at his chains!

Leftist propaganda spews forth from its faggoty little gob but non of it is his ideas he’s too fookin thick. Every move is controlled by the Cabal and most of it is pure money laundering especially the military garbage - nuclear subs FFS. The wimpy Flog is selling Australia out quickly to any bastard who offers a bribe or an overseas trip.

Then of course we have the Voice -

Postured platitudes of wind and nothingness from the out of touch woke bull shit merchants of Politics.

Smoke and Mirrors while Aboriginal communities slide further into despair and poverty while their controlling beaurocrats get rich from the largess of their indigenous portfolios!

Did I just explain corruption!

$100 million per day being mismanaged and misappropriated by out of touch gaumless gumberment bureaucrats!

That’s $36.5 billion - Albatross Albanese!

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Who listens to these clowns?

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