I think I may be one of the only publishers on Substack that actually loses more subscribers than I gain with every article I write.

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Hi Dear John,

This is Laurie that you know from Ray Horvath's Substack. Remember l told you that l spit my coffee all over my screen when he featured a blow-up of your face in one of his posts quite a while back?

At any rate, l read all of your articles & do enjoy them very much but haven't commented for a long time. Just busy with life, ya' know....

However, I wanted to share that in my small circle of family & friends l have not experienced any deaths yet from what is currently happening in our horrific worldwide situation.

Until a week ago.....

On 3/23/23 my 44 y/o son was found dead by his wife on their kitchen floor. He was a big, strapping truck driver. Always healthy until he received the two initial poison covid jabs. Soon after he began experiencing numerous health problems. Edema, skin rashes, enlarged heart, fluctuating blood sugars, numerous unexplained severe aches & pains. But he continued to go to work everyday.

He trusted the government & the public health officials here in the United States. Ignored the concerns that l had (his mom, a retired nurse).

Do we know it was the poison covid injections? What else could it be? Really!

They will be performing an autopsy due to his relatively young age & the sudden death. I hope we get some answers but it won't change the fact that he's dead.

I am deeply red-pilled & have become so aware of what's going on in the world over the past 3 years but my frustration lies in the fact that l can't comprehend why humanity cannot rise up & stop this insanity.

I realize we are in an incredible spiritual battle between Good & Evil. And l am a deeply religious person. So l continue to pray. Many may not agree with me & that's okay. It's my belief. My opinion.

Are we in the End Times as described in Revelations in the Bible? Things seem to be falling into place as described in Revelations. I believe so. Many folks agree with me. Many don't.

All l know right now is l have a wonderful, amazing son who is now dead way too soon.

Keep posting John. I am here reading across the ocean that is between us. Take care!

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“Thick as a stack of hardwood planks laying at the bottom of a boggy marsh.” 🤣.......yep that about sums up the mentality of so many people around me.

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Thanks for linking to the Greta video! I am surprised that her directors even allowed her "to talk" to critical journalists unaccompanied. Her English is surprisingly good, but her intellectual deficits become frighteningly obvious, leaving one with a weird feeling.

That she is a controlled character in a lousy game should become clear to even the most parsimonious thinker after this performance. But as you mentioned in your post, the number of non-thinking people that surround one by now is almost unbelievable.

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Love your passion!

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Thanks John, hang onto that healthy sense of humour.

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