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We "won" insofar as we are not getting sick or suddenly dying from the jabs.

We "won" insofar as we do not live with the sword of jabocles hanging over our head daily.

But we all have family and friends whom we love (even if they treated us poorly) who took the jabs.

No one won.

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I don't feel like I won for refusing the covid death shot.

I am exhausted from the intense military and government psyops to try to force me.

I am sad for all the people who had no choice...no jab, no job.

I am angry at the murdering psychopaths who did this to us.

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Crimes against humanity!

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I completely agree John.

It's been a nightmare watching those we love turn against us for the crime of trying to stop them essentially committing suicide.

The sneering of the smug mutual admiration society of the 'look at me - I did as I was told without question - I got a lollipop' brigade has been beyond sickening. THEIR prize was to drag out every tiny cell of nastiness and hatred they possessed in a slathering, gorging, spite fest of discrimination, sanctioned by their overlords. Can't respect that - nor forgive it. All the while, destroying our lives and dragging us further into perrenial danger with their myopic charge over the proverbial cliff.

What have we 'won' exactly? At this point, our health - which was ours to begin with. It was no one's to take from us, yet they're trying still every which way, and if that doesn't work, they'll move to blatant murder. We have 'won' box seats to watching our families, once the centre of our lives, sicken and die. Even our children. Some prize.

And still so many are stupid enough to believe this was for their own good, and we who loved them and even raised and cared for them - are the enemy. Beyond belief. YOU STUPID, SAD, DUMB IDIOTS!!!

We have 'won' a bigger fight than ever, with their refusal to assist the fight against genocide, to the point that we may yet fail. Watching them drop one at a time. And they will. They will all die from this 😪. Or become enslaved, if strong enough.

Oh yes... I can smell the 'victory'. 🙄

What a good job they'll refuse to hear the end game of this. They couldn't handle that truth. Then they'd surely think we were mad - till they were living it. (Those who can defy the odds long enough and resist death from a failing, poisoned body.) Who will be the 'winners' then?

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Keepin' the secret OF the control is part've the plan--that's clear--the bilked sucker has no idea they're bein' conned--it's literally a confidence game... SO I think those good deluded folks like yer newsagent may be "too far gone" ta ever flip--BUT I do think there are enough of us who are aware... even now... to upset the apple cart, move the needle back in the right direction... possibly "schtop" the WEF / the WHO / UN and fergawdsakes end this insane war with Russia that might git us all nuked... BUT we ain't organized ... yet. The secret we all don't know yet--is findin' their weak spot--the one place where the scale of armor doesn't protect the dragon. That might be where an' how we strike... how? We don't know... That's why I said from different angles... OR, we need a stoolie that jumps ship--the right rat--may win the rest of us the cheese.... Speakin' of Kirsch, mebbe he kin throw some of his ample bucks (as he puts his money where his mouth is...hilariously I think...) in the path of findin' a solution--or in bribin' the right stoolie! ya never know...

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I don't think we have won yet. A nurse who worked with my wife was rabidly pro-vaccine a year ago. (I was, of course, the anti science Nazi right winger, who would be responsible for spreading the black death to disabled children who couldn't get the vaccine.)

I talked with her at a party about a month ago and she is now admitting there are possible side effects but seems to be under the impression that they are just being discovered. When I pointed out they are the same issues I warned her about a year and a half ago her reply was "Well, they had to do something."

Nothing like watching cognitive dissonance happening in real time.

They are coming around but many more people will have to die before these educated idiot's brains wil accept a simple truth.

We will win but it isn't going to feel very good.

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aw thanks! I hope to! betw. my insane-crazy move (with the break-o-mat movers!) an' my tripled-jabbed mama and her recent stroke (intense fambly stuff--not purdy!) and a lotta move-wrecked stuff (I'm a cookin' for 4 on'a hot plate--quite the funny challenge! try' gettin' stove replacement parts from Italy -- eek!) so I'm still slow on the postin,' but I have a bunch'a things on my mind including these important idears!

Sorry ya lost so much--egads! Me an' "Pappy Moses" both been outta work for nearly 3 years due to the jab-mandates so now we gotta purdy much start all over again'--savin's--shot, debts? Huge! It's all a mess...so we totally get it too! Of course, just about a month ago my hubby's office FINALLY lifted their jab mandates... too little too late.... Finally he was allowed to enter...just to clean up his desk to git outta there.

somehow these blood-from-a-stone admissions (even fElon Musk Ox's 2nd jab faux-ouchies/faucheese) feel like no more than a slap on the other cheek! (even for those who never offered it--heck no, not my style!)

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Oh I knew ya got it John but I'm surprised how this story is bein' presented far more neutrally--even by folks I know are SO aware, so savvy. My take is that some folks SO need to feel vindication--so need to be reassured they were "right" as repayment fer their honest sufferin' for fightin' the pressure and for giving up SO MUCH---that they'll take a lousy back-handed admission for a proper apology--which it ain't. Where they see apology, I see only sour grapes (very sour ones too!)

I guess I expect:

a) no apology (proper or lukewarm)

b.) no vindiction (beyond what we see with our own dang eyes that proves our right decision!)

c.) no faux Nuremburg 2.0 (which was sadly a farce anyway--an on-paper Op literally held together with...Paperclips!--and also cuz I really hate when folks bring somethin' back with a 2.0 or 3.0 after it!)

d.) no payback in terms of lost jobs, salaries (lost friends, lost years!)....

Not un-optimistic in the big pict'ur--but I see hope in the choir, not from the pulpit so ta speak... An' Mister Adams (I understand) was preachin' hard from his pulpit for quite some time.... (karma?)

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To a prize, nobody wants or needs.

But that seems to be the new attitude, you're either a winner, or a loser.

Pick a side.

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Agreed fully on not feelin' like a winner.... I watched this feller's video and my take is a bit more jaundiced than some....so I'll throw it in here as the whole thing sticks in my craw a bit!

(repostin' what I wrote on this topic when Visceral Adventure wrote 'about it... my readin' the subtext....)

So I don't know this Scott fellow from Adam(s) but what seems baked in.... is resentment. He is only GENUINE in that he knows he made a bad call... He is insincere in profferin' that the REASON he lost/we won is that he (stem brain guy?) didn't DO the DATA right. Somehow only HIS data failed (though his methodology was impeccable...). BUT.... we DATA-FREE rube tinhatted mistrusters--got it right by luck. The guy still feels superior even though he admits defeat. As they say, with friends like this who needs enemies? I never heard've this feller but he's more bitter than undressed arugula!


He conflates "us" all as if all anti-vaxxers just don't trust ANYTHING big corp/ big gubba-mint or BIG anything as if we can be dismissed as just a bunch'a Un-Trusters all over (that's it nothing more ta see). Pfffffst.

THAT (that which the guy sez) is a way to say, OH, we anti-vaxxers are not actually intelligent--nope, we never looked at statistics that we had ta dig for, nope, we never looked at test results on the ani-mules that died/ inta the ADE, nope we never wondered that Moderna never made any jabs before or that many of us were keenly aware that Pfizer, Merck and J&J had lied before...had lost suits a' plenty. And. So. Much. More. Nope... we won not because we were THINKERS (tm) like him--we are just mistrustin' folks.

Unspoken: superstitious! crazy tin-foil hatted or crack potted folks (like me tee hee) that FEAR anything big /corporate/commercial... not a healthy mistrust built on intelligence or knowledge, nope...

This admission stinks (to me) 'bout as much as Emily Osterizer's faux am-nasty piece....

OH and one more "pernt"--this should not be about winnin' and losin'. WE free thinkers who opted out didn't think of it as a game--a strategy--a way to stay on top. We thought of it as survival. We may let a wry smirk 'scape our face every so often--but mostly--we ain't gloating (rather we are preparing for the next blow and figurin' out what to cover first!)

ps OH I see he's the creator of THAT Dilbert (which I never read)... Al Capp fan myself.... Windsor McCay... (Welsh Rarebit strange dreams...)

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How is it that some 15 minute celebrity deems there to be winners in this debacle of a time line?

The entire Human race was locked up, shut down, shot at, belittled, stomped on, censored, locked out, business's lost, homes lost, lives lost, cognitive well-being lost and the scars of constant needless death[s] will remain for long to come;

I am not a "winner" but thanks for the empty accolade

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John, pretty please, leave links to your articles in my comment sections. You and I are working on the same project of liberating minds. People need YOU and that can only be accomplished by expanding the network...

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Well said John! Thank you!

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So says the pathetic who has absolutely nothing to say other than an attempt to belittle;

Not that what i do has anything to do with you ,oh tool of "The Source", but I will get to publishing once i have sorted problems with substack that seem to be happening on my page only.....

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