So what’s ‘Shouting in space’ all about?

Like many, I’m gravely concerned about the world in which we live, and the grim dystopian future that has not only been planned, but is fast being rolled out for us.

In a time where we see the obliteration of our most fundamental human rights, the strangulation of free speech and the suppression of truth across all forms of social and legacy media, it’s rare to be afforded the opportunity to publish one’s own thoughts and express views without fear of censorship for running against the “official”, albeit ‘totally fictitious’ mainstream narrative.

I’m doing my best in trying to spread the word about a world rapidly transforming into an ultra-corporatised totalitarian nightmare of gargantuan proportions. A world which may very soon see us forever enslaved to the ideological whims of a rather small but select group of highly nefarious individuals, who whilst hiding in the shadows, pull the levers on our very future through billions of dollars of financial, scientific, political and philosophical influence.

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A fight for humanity, truth and sanity, in a trans-humanistic Brave New World of globalised totalitarian control and medical tyranny.


Up until 2020, before the world transformed into a dystopian 'new normal' virus-mania hellhole, I spent most of my time working as a musician in Sydney Australia. Now much of my time is spent railing against a technocratic totalitarian nightmare.