"Saving lives" in order to make them miserable? Fraudulent argument:


In order to prove that the criminal lockdowns and humiliating and harmful "countermeasures" are justified, the "health authorities" must

1. show the "virus" (not a single one has ever been isolated from a sick person, even with volunteers in 1918 willing to "get infected" for such a noble purpose),

2. demonstrate the process of "infection" in a live environment; the tiny particles fraudulently called "viruses" (they are much more likely to be exosomes) have never been proven to cause illness (including among the volunteers of 1918, who were even willing to accept "infected blood" from the sick),

3. find a "test" that is linked to the alleged viral particle.

None of these steps have been satisfied.

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Really hard to believe they are getting away with this woke insanity. But more and more people are waking to the truth. It is happening.

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