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Spot on, John. You've said the quiet part out loud. They're just going to move on, "nothing to see here". I've tried to have conversations with my vaccinated 'friends'. A funny thing happens: I do all the talking and they just look at me. There's a pause and we move onto the next topic. I can't get any engagement.

Fortunately, there's been a tsunami of analysis, insights, humour and creativity from many writers like yourself - a wonderful foil to isolation and the onslaught of propaganda and AI-bot communication.

We are now the best in our society and our mission is not to go insane from anger, withdraw from sadness or stop yearning for a better life.

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I fear you could be right in my heart of hearts. Regardless, we should still keep trying to reach the seemingly unreachable masses. Millions or billions may perish, but we cannot let hope die too.

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I wonder if there will be a slow attrition in support for the vaxx madness. Not a grand Awakening, but a slow down in support? I think we will see if this is true this fall by the numbers who line up for second (and third?) boosters. Looks like each booster receives less and less support, which should be understood as an awakening of sorts. And remember, they are probably lying about the numbers too...

Also, these psychos aren't gods. Yes, their potions kill, but so have all their wars - for example, 50% of the Serbian male population was annihilated during WW2, but Serbia still stands. They have always under estimated the human will (and physical ability) to survive.

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I'm thoroughly black pilled and I'm afraid you are correct. And Covidmania is just the currently leading piece of the ongoing insanity: transmania and the mutilating of children, Gorebull Warning, the 2020 election fraud and the J6 show trial, wokeness in all its manifestations.

We are truly, deeply fucked.

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Most of the Jonestown cultists never woke up.

The irony is that they call us "Trumpists" a death cult. Many of us never liked the man, some no longer support or ever supported him. Trump keeps urging these shots on his listeners.

I have had it with billionaires posing as white knights and the way my fellow populists keep kissing up to them.

But the mindless masses admire Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon too much to pay attention to what is actually being said off the MSM.

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Is this stoppable? I don't know. I want there to be a way, I just can't find it.

I like your article and I cannot disprove the theory you propose at all. It looks like this is the path we are heading down to me too. Unfortunately.

Sometimes I wish I was a very talented graffiti artist though. I could leave thought provoking murals all over the country travelling from city to city. But my artistic talent is kindergarten level.

I would love to be a charismatic stand up comedian and draw in huge crowds and then drop bombs at the moment of peak engagement. But honestly. I'm not that funny either.

I just told myself something long ago. That as long as I am able to take a step forward, I would. Because small steps do add up. A marathon is run just one step at a time. And I am still breathing.

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"This will silently continue on its current steady course, until billions are dead in the ground... and it will all go on ‘totally unnoticed’ and ‘totally unrecognised’, because the media will NEVER report on it…"

You and I think exactly alike. It will never be fully exposed and no one will be held accountable. And the profession most responsible for this is the legacy/corporate journalists. It would take real investigative journalism to expose all the lies (this would actually be easy to prove or compile all the evidence or connect all the dots) ... but zero journalists in the mainstream media will ever take on this project. So the "watchdog" press is 100-percent captured - all 70,000 mainstream journalists in America. This is surreal but obviously true. I also note that if one or more journalists did break the real story, these journalists would go down in history and become rich and famous for breaking the scandal of all scandals ... but even with this, nobody will go there.

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I wouldn't say impossible, John, but QUITE improbable. Daniel and Revelation make it absolutely clear that these things have to be allowed to happen (God won't allow very many people who have a real chance of Truly, Fully and Completely repenting, to be murdered before they've had that opportunity); so, in most cases anyway, the people who are dying, or are going to die, are those who will be destroyed by the lake of fire at God's judgment of the evil people anyway. In other words, God will in most cases only allow those to die from this eugenicide who are irredeemable. But don't misinterpret me, that does NOT mean that we should not non-violently fight for EVERYONE, and seek to not let ANYONE who can be "saved" from this debacle, to die at the hands of it. But God will allow a minority of people who would have Truly, Fully and Completely repented to, because of the fault of Evil and his servants (whether they realize or not that they are his servants), die and lose their souls for all eternity because of this mess. But the people responsible will be held fully accountable in the Day of Judgment for it. The good thing about all this is that it means Jesus the Christ will return even sooner.

That's why repentance should not be put off, because any of us could be killed, or die, at any moment; and, because we put off True, Full and Complete repentance, we lose our souls for all eternity. No time like the present to repent before it's very soon too late.

"...Even so, (return quickly), Lord Jesus (the Christ)..."! [Revelation 22:20; clarification(s), emphasis and/or paraphrasing provided by me.]

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Throughout human history a small group of awakened souls have carried the torch for enlightened thought. The outliers will always be considered malcontents or crtics of the status quo. This has been the norm for thousands of years. For those who choose the road less traveled, take heart in the knowledge that you are the fortunate ones to see beyond the veil of illusion. And we are not alone. [Swami Shankaranda said during a sermon that "99% of the human population are sleep walking". And also: All One --Alone.]

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The other thing that makes it a perfect plan for genocide is the saline shipped to certain areas. From what I’ve read, on a per vax basis, the Northeast has a lower vax injury rate than the rest of the country as well as fewer excess deaths in all cause mortality.

The perpetrators shipped saline to the part of the country that controls the money, the media, and the govt. They protected their own family and friends, kept the people with the ability to shut it down protected, and risked the rest of us.

Now, we wait to die while the true believers who could stop it think we’re nuts.

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Okay, this is not really a solution, but these measures could chip away at the cover up:

1. Bumper stickers with message: " I no longer believe in the Covid vaccine"; '"My friend died/is paralized/other after getting vaxxed"; "I used to believe - until the vaccine made me ill"; "A lot of people have died from Covid. More have died from the vaccine". "Big pharma owns the government - and your is not only expensive but it stinks"; " the Covid vaccine is about making money (XX billion for Phizer!) not making you health" And on and on.

2. Can anyone afford to have an advertising banner pulled by an airplane, perhaps stating one of the above messages.

3. Letters to the editors of local papers (forget the MSM) with very reasoned arguments about the vaccine and where and why people can look for more information. Each letter should have: "I used to believe...but now I don't because (List). or, "not everyone is dying or damaged from the vaccines, but according to reliable insurance company data, there are over XXXmillion unexplained deaths (beyond what would normally occur) in the population aged 10 to whatever. Why does the CDC and FDA not recognize this?

4. Message: "Do you know that the Congress took away your right to sue the Pharma companies if you - or your kids - get damaged from a vaccine (millions have" " Our government protects the big Pharma companies - and screws you! "

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What personally robs me of hope that this runaway train can still be stopped is the fact that not a single one of these criminals has yet been charged and punished. As for Desmet's theory of mass formation, I do not believe that this took place - as Desmet describes - before the totalitarians got to work. The masses did not have to form, they have always been a flock of stupid sheep, which is a thankful task for every propagandist to put into fear - as history has shown all too often.

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I feel the same way about global warming. The masses believe this crap, and there is no way they are gonna unbelieve it. Everything they think they know is not true. But it will continue to roll out, we will move forward into ESG tyranny, and it will be psychiatric hospitals for those of us who do not believe in the CO2 Theory of Climate Change.

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I have been advertising that I provide treatment for Covid Phenomenon Mass Formation on the largest psychotherapy advertising site, Psychology Today for several months. A bit ago they took down my listing and removed my ability to log in to edit. When one searches "Kevin Kervick Psychology Today" there are still search strings coming up but no site to link to. Try it. I disappeared. I was never notified by Sussex Directories, the organization that manages these listings, that I was being removed. I emailed them twice last week and called them this week. I left a voicemail. I received a "received" confirmation from the emails. No response. I checked my credit card statement and indeed they did not charge the monthly fee on August 31. Likely somebody complained about me or some woke person at Sussex Directories got rid of me with corporate backing, or perhaps a third party authority is involved.

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Well thought out John;

We with our 2 ears listening, 2 eyes seeing and One Mouth speaking know what the antagonists are pushing for and I'm not sure on how We The People rid ourselves of them;

Peaceful negotiation[s] has failed at every turn; Protests do nothing but get people thrown in jail, shot, bashed and fined; The courts in Every Nation are all on the side of the Antagonists and even when a court does rule in our favour, the politicians over-rule it or ignore it; Our armed forces are doing nothing to Serve and Protect; Same with Police; Doctors; Nurses; School Teachers......the list is long for the useful idiots;

There has never been a time in history where tyrants have surrendered peacefully

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